A Gentle Introduction To Brand Management

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Aside: Also see the 22 Immutable Laws of Branding applied to India

  1. Introduction to Branding
    1. 8 Best Indian Brands [Slides]; LIC [Video]
    2. What is Branding? [Video]
    3. History and Evolution of Branding [Video]
    4. Building Strong Brands by Barbara Kahn [Wharton Video – Part 1 & Part 2]
    5. Brand Report Card by Kevin L. Keller [Harvard]
    6. Better Branding [McKinsey Article]
  2. Customer-Based Brand Equity [Slides]
    1. Brand and Brand Equity by Rohit Deshpande; Anat Keinan
    2. Perspectives on Brand Equity
  3. The Customer Based Brand Equity Pyramid and its Sub-dimensions
    1. Titan: [Background Video] Building Brand Imagery and Feelings [Slides];  Advertisement – Tagged by Titan [Video]
    2. Raymond India: Brand Resonance [Slides]
    3. Harley Davidson: Building Brand Resonance in India [Slides]
  4. The 4-Steps of Building Brand Equity
  5. Brand Positioning (Slides)
    1. Brand Positioning by Prof. Barbara Kahn, Wharton (Video)
    2. Subaru: All Wheel Drive [Video]; Subaru in the Canadian Winter [Video]
    3. Al Ries, & Jack Trout. (1981). Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind. (Summary Slides)
    4. Laura Ries (2012). Visual Hammer (Video)
      1. Visual Difference by Laura Ries (Video)
      2. Al Ries at the World Marketing Summit, Japan 2014 (Video)
  6. Brand Mantra
    1. Brand Mantra by Barbara Kahn, Wharton (Video)
  7. Brand Planning by Kevin Lane Keller (Video)
  8. Brand Elements
    1. Choosing a Brand Name (Video)
    2. Color and Tag Lines (Video)
    3. Sticky Slogans by Al Ries (Video)
    4. Amul: Ad – Har Ghar Amul Ghar ; Ad – Amul Doodh Peeta Hai India ; Ad – Amul 2013 ; Ad – Amul Butter 2013
  9. Managing Channel Strategy to build Brand Equity
  10. Brand Extensions
    1. Managing Brand Extensions
    2. Brand Architecture and Brand Portfolio
    3. Law 10 – 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al Ries, Laura Ries
  11. Corporate Branding versus Individual Branding
    1. Corporate Branding by James Rubin
    2. Case: Rosewood Hotels and Resorts: Branding to Increase Customer Profitability and Lifetime Value
    3. Making Brand Portfolios Work [McKinsey Article]
  12. Pricing Strategies and Brand Equity
  13. Managing Marketing Communications To Build Brand Equity
    1. Integrated Marketing Communications
    2. Sales Promotions
    3. Advertising
  14. Cobranding
    1. Managing Co-Branding Strategies: Global Brands into Local Markets [Article]
    2. Cobranding by Tim Hortons and Coldstone Creamery
  15. Celebrity Endorsements
    1. Celebrity Endorsements and Branding in India
    2. Fair and Handsome
      1. Ad 1: Instant Fairness Face Wash;   Ad 2: For Men Who Want ZYADA;   Ad 3: Handsome Koi Bhi Ban Sakta Hai;   Ad 4: Chup Chup Ke
    3. Zandu Balm
      1. 1980’s Ad;  2010 Ad
      2. Accidental Product Placement – Zandu Balm in Dabangg
      3. Subsequent Celebrity Endorsement
    4. Nike and Liu Xiang: Crisis Management in Celebrity Endorsement by Kineta Hung; Isabella Chan; Penelope Chan [Hong Kong Case]
    5. Brand “Sachin
      1. ADIDAS = All Day I Dream About Sachin
      2. Sachin Appears on Coke Cans to Commemorate 100 hundreds
      3. Sachin Helps Toshiba Lead Innovation in India
  16. Product Placements: The Case of Bollywood Movies (Slides)
    1. American Idol and Ford’s Multi-Million Dollar Mistake (Martin Lindstrom)
    2. Top 10 Product Placements in Hollywood movies
    3. Bollywood Placement – Ostrich Hermes Kelly Handbag in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
    4. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor [Harvard Case]
  17. Repositioning a brand
    1. Jack Trout on Repositioning [Video]
    2. Barbara Kahn on Repositioning, [Wharton Video]
    3. Successful Brand Repositioning [McKinsey Article]
  18. The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier [Amazon] [Summary Slides]
  • Being the CMO
    • 5 Step Guide to Being A Successful CMO by Jack Trout [ET Article]
    • What Defines The New Breed of CMO? [ET Article]


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