1. Related to Brand Management

    2. Promotion Strategies using Bollywood Stars

    3. Selected topics on Innovation in Emerging Markets

    4. Selected issues on Retailing in India

The rest of this page has writings and presentations that do not clearly fall under specified categories:

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely –

  1. The Fallacy of Supply and Demand

  2. The Cost of Zero Cost


ARTICLES (Over 1000 words)

  1. The Emerging ‘Cell Phone Economy’ in India
  2. McDonald’s Spices Up Products For Indian Vegetarians
  3. Unconventional Ways of Avoiding Expensive Textbooks
  4. The Rise of Cash and Carry Wholesaling in India  [Article]  [PPT, 3000+ Views]

SHORT NOTES (Under 1000 words)

  1. Car Sales in China now exceed the US — the Bumpy Road Ahead


  1. Seven (7) Golden Words of Marketing
  2. Novo Nordisk – Selling Diabetes Medicines in India
  3. Hilton Hotels – Huanying China Strategy
  4. How Local Companies Compete With Multinationals
  5. Microfinance for the Bottom of the Pyramid
  6. Cultural Influences on Marketing Strategies in India
  7. Schizophrenic India Diveristy in Indian markets
  8. Introduction to Consumer India
  9. Consumer Segments in India
  10. 4 Reasons why McDonald’s is succeeding in India
  11. Cash and Carry Wholesaling in India
  12. Illustrating the Marketing Process using Spam



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