A Gentle Introduction To Global Strategy

  1. Introduction to Global Marketing
  2. Competing in a Global World   
    1. CAGE Distance Framework   
  3. Strategies for Global Value Creation
    1. Global Value Creation: Adaptation, Aggregation, Arbitrage
    2. Adaptation = Adjusting to Differences
    3. Aggregation = Overcoming Differences
    4. Arbitrage = Exploiting Differences
    5. Arbitrage as a Global Strategy
    6. Aggregation as a Global Strategy
    7. Managing in Global Context via Adaptation
  4. Global Strategy As Business Model Change  
  5. Globalizing the Value-Chain Infrastructure  
  6. Global Supply Chain Management  
  7. Globalizing the Value Proposition
  8. Globalizing the value chain – Core Competence, Outsourcing, Cooperative Strategies
  9. Understanding Consumers in Emerging Markets
    1. Middle-Class Consumers are Fueling Growth in Emerging Markets
    2. Consumers at The Bottom of the Pyramid
    3. Barriers and Risks at the Bottom of the Pyramid



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