The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding in India

Applying Ries, A., & Ries, L. (2002). The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding (Summary Slides) to the Indian Market

  1. Law of Expansion: The power of the brand is inversely proportional to its scope
  2. Law  of Contraction: A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus
  3. Law of Publicity: The birth of a brand is achieved with publicity, not advertising
  4. Law of Advertising: Once born, a brand needs advertising to stay healthy
  5. Law of The Word: A brand should strive to own a word in the mind of the consumer
  6. Law of Credential: The crucial ingredient in the success of any brand is its claim to authenticity
  7. Law of Quality: Quality is important, but brands are not built by quality alone
  8. Law of The Category: A leading brand should promote the category, not the brand (Video – Category first, Brand second)
  9. Law of the Name: In the long run a brand is nothing more than a name (Video: Power of the Name)
  10. Law of Extensions: The easiest way to destroy a brand is to put its name on everything
  11. Law of Fellowship: In order to build the category, a brand should welcome other brands
  12. Law of the Generic: One of the fastest routes to failure is giving a brand a generic name
  13. Law of the Company: Brands are brands. Companies are companies. There is a difference
  14. Law of Subbrands: What branding builds, subbranding can destroy
  15. Law of Siblings: There is a time and place to launch a second brand
  16. Law of Shape: A brand’s logo should be designed to fit the eyes. Both eyes. (Video: Shape of a Logo)
  17. Law of Colour: A brand should use a colour that is the opposite of its major competitors
  18. Law of Borders: There are no barriers to global branding. A brand should know no borders
  19. Law of Consistency: A brand is not built overnight. Success is measured in decades, not years
  20. Law of Change: Brands can be changed, but only infrequently and only very carefully
  21. Law of Mortality: No brand will live forever. Euthanasia is often the best solution
  22. Law of Singularity: The most important aspect of a brand is its single-mindedness

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